About Newspryng

You are the editor. This is our guiding principle.

Newspryng’s mission is to democratise the media by empowering people to unite around the issues that most concern them.

By combining journalism with crowdfunding we aim to foster an environment where the public decides what stories are told and financially supported.

We believe everyone has a story and every person should have a voice. There are no barriers to entry at Newspryng. Anyone can publish their work on Newspryng if they have a story. The audience is encouraged to donate to the author to ensure important stories continue to be told.

We are building a platform that seeks to be a force for social good. Newspryng hopes to build a community that supports stories being neglected by the traditional media, which is increasingly prioritising clickbait over investigatory stories in a desperate effort to boost their owner’s revenues.

Any donations made on Newspryng will go directly to the author of the story. Any stories you fund will help the author tell more of those types of story. Or if you have a story yourself that is not being told you can publish it on Newspryng.

That way you decide what type of stories are commissioned and told. In short, you are the editor.

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