About Newspryng

Newspryng experiments with a new model for journalism that combines open journalism with crowd funding.

Much has been made of the internet killing quality journalism as content is given away for free and dwindling ad revenues cause mass lay-offs at traditional news outlets.

However, the internet should not be seen as the enemy of journalism and instead  should be embraced for its ability to empower people who previously struggled to be heard.

The role social networks played in the Arab Spring is symptomatic of how the world has been empowered by the internet.

Newspryng hopes to provide a place where anyone with a decent story to tell can come to get published and raise money directly from the audience.

The platform has no political bias and invites contributors to tell their stories as they see them.

The audience is not required to pay for the content, but if you have enjoyed it or been informed by it please make a voluntary donation to the journalist.

There is no advertising on the site and instead Newspryng aims to be a platform for quality journalistic content that the audience will value and feel happy to support financially.

This is a relatively untested model, but there is a case of a New Zealand journalist who earned ten times the freelance rate by self-publishing a story and asking for contributions from the readers.

If you are interested in contributing an article please email spryngbox@gmail.com.

And if you have stumbled across the site and like what you see please donate towards our Indiegogo crowdfunding project here.

You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.